I’m Tom, a computer network nerd living in Chicago. I cooked up this website in an effort to fight pandemic boredom by spending more time blabbing about the following 3 topics & less time scrolling on social media:

  • Homelabs where I’ll be writing up some of the things I like on my way-too-overcomplicated home network. Target audience of other network nerds like myself.
  • Ham Radio where I’ll try to share some experiences that illustrate why this hobby is a perfect fit for anyone interested in technology. Target audience of everyone.
  • CCNA Candidate Toolkit where I’ll be sharing some various non-technical things I wish I had learned back in the days when I was an 18 year old CCNA candidate. Target audience of technologists either preparing for CCNA or thinking about starting the CCNA journey.

I’ve been motivated to build this space thanks to the amazing content produced by other self-publishing technologists at PacketPushers.net, Duffney.io, network-node.com, voidrealms.com, gns3vault.com and many others not listed here. I’m seeking not to “compete” with these fine resources, but rather to write about the 3 above topics in a way that supplements the resources others have already created. This website started off in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic, I won’t be updating it as much now that I’m fully vaccinated and we enter the “new normal”, but I’ll still have some new posts on occasion.

Lastly (and perhaps most importantly), all content on this website is strictly the views & opinions of myself, and not that of any organization I am currently affiliated with or have been in the past. I’m not responsible for any network outages you cause from the homelab section, and take all my ham radio & CCNA writings with a grain of salt. If you like what you see, please let the whole world see it here in the comments! If you don’t like something, even better! Tell me what’s grinding your gears either in the comments or contact me via the resources in the about page, would love to hear differing viewpoints about this stuff.

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    1. Hi Frank! I don’t think I’ll be doing anything with ProxMox because I don’t have room in the condo for any additional desktop/server hardware 🙁 But I think the Eve-ng cookbook will get you most of the way there. Good luck and happy homelabbing!

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