I don’t like bragging about certs & work stuff I’ve done in the past. I’d rather focus on what I’m presently doing as I’m a big believer that past performance is not indicative of future results. But if you really want to know, my experience boils down to the following:

2002-2006 – Began fixing more computers than I’d break, passed CompTIA A+

2007-2008 – Got 3 more CompTIA certs, enlisted in the USMC Reserve

2009-2012 – Got CCNA & MCSA 2003, finished Bachelors degree

2012-2013 – Worked full-time for Uncle Sam

2013-2020 – Got CCNP, finished Masters degree, worked full-time in FinTech

2020-Today – Completed USMC Reserve enlistment, working full-time for Uncle Sam again

If you’re still reading this, I’m glad you’re here, and hope you leave feedback on any of this site’s postings! If you’d like to say hello, the following options are available:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tc0651/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kd9cpb

Ham Radio: Trying to get on W9ANL’s repeater system more often. Send me an email if you want to reach me on VHF!

Email: My ham radio callsign at gmail.com (hint: callsign is the 6 character name of this website, begins with kd9, ends with cpb)

Facebook: don’t bother Facebooking me, I’m trying to get away from that attention slot machine! At the risk of sounding hypocritical, I do still have a Facebook profile, and I’ve been trying to use it as sparingly as possible. There are some good old USMC & College friends/acquaintances along with a few groups that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to interact with if I deleted Facebook entirely, so lately I’ve been trying to access it for less than a half hour a week on my laptop.

Instagram: don’t bother, I have an account, but it’s only for watching yoga class & finding local restaurant specials

I have far too many people to thank over the years, and I’ll try to include a brief thank-you section in posts when applicable. I especially would like to thank my wife Colleen for putting up with all the ham radio & computer network insanity I’ve bought into her life. Way back before we were married, I told her about how I had a great time at DataCenterWorld Chicago Region 2017, and that maybe someday I’d be qualified speak there. She insisted that I was already fully qualified, and sure enough my very first talk was accepted to DataCenterWorld National 2018! If it wasn’t for her pushing me towards applying to speak publicly about datacenter stuff, I most certainly wouldn’t have built up the confidence to write about tech stuff on the big bad public internet. Thanks Colleen for being the coolest wife an IT nerd could ever ask for!