I like learning about tech stuff from Youtube videos, podcasts, conferences, and other (preferably in-person when there’s not a pandemic going around) events. But I love reading about IT field related stuff to a point where I feel competent in whatever topic happens to peak my interests.

Josh Duffney’s blog explains this more eloquently than I can, but sometimes reading e-Ink on a kindle, or better yet a physical paper book, is just more enjoyable than anything I could do on a backlit screen. Github has almost everything I’ve read since 2010 if you want a complete list, this page is more of a “greatest hits”. Below are some of the most impactful books I’ve read over the years, hopefully some of them will spark some ideas you otherwise might not be exposed to on the interwebs!

General Technology:

The Phoenix Project

The Unicorn Project

Hello World 3rd Edition


The Cuckoo’s Egg

2600 Magazine


Radical Candor

How to Win Friends & Influence People


The First 90 Days

Your Perfect Right

Networks: (I don’t count certification guides as those go obsolete too quickly to list here)

Automate your Network

Computer Networking Problems and Solutions

You should also know I may earn commissions on qualifying Amazon purchases made via kd9cpb.com links to defray the cost of otherwise ad-free web hosting. Don’t forget to check your local library or used bookstore for these books first!